Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Special card for my mom's birthday

I love how these cards come out but very time consuming... worth it though. My mom loved it and still talks about it being her very favorite card ever. (that's saying something considering this is my 11th year stamping.) :)


Andrea R said...

Hey, worked!
This card for your mom is simply gorgeous...I can't imagine how long it took, but like you said, it was worth it!

Celeste a.k.a. KraftyKards said...

I love it! I just made a birthday card for my girlfriend doing the shutter card...and I even cut everything for it on my cricut. Love your ideas on it though...may have to copy you!!!

brochure printing said...

Really very beautiful card and very simply gorgeous. The designing of the card is very cute and the coloring combination is very well. Love your ideas and your all sentiments of the card. Thank you!