Sunday, March 29, 2009

3 cards (check out stamps for sale in below post)

I stamped the flower and had my almost-three-year-old daughter color it in as a thank you to her God Father. He bought her some DVD's that she just loves!

Love Alcohol Inks and dragonflies...

Love Alcohol Inks and flowers too...

STAMPS & STUFF FOR SALE ... I must make room!


Please go thru all of the stamps and send me one email with everything you're interested in please.

Click on the photo for larger picture AND to see the price & stamp company... It's located under the picture.

Right now, there are 82 pictures. I'll be adding more tomorrow during the daylight, when these other items photograph better.


If you are local to me, will gladly meet up with you to save you the shipping.

If only ordering one or a few, can send first class. Wanting many, will go Priority (flat rate or regular, whichever is cheaper for you). Delivery confirmation and/or insurance will be optional. I am not responsible for lost or damaged once it leave my hands.

I will accept cash, check if it's from Bank of America (or another local to me bank that I can take it to and cash immediately), or Paypal -- will require additional $1 to cover their fees.



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Out of my box...

1. I went to a SU! party last weekend and we made this adorable bunny box. It was loaded with chocolate eggs but my duaghter got ahold of them (really... she did).

2. And then made this tri-fold card. I never remember to make multiple folded cards but love the look.

3. And a card for a friend to celebrate Passover.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Much stamping this day!

1. Card to the Pediatric dentist who we had the pleasure of seeing one day a week for three weeks... The dentist and staff were wonderful. So this one is to them and made another to the pediatric anesthesiologist, who we had the pleasure of having join my daughter's care yesterday morning at oh-dark-thirty. (we were up at 5:15am to leave the house by 6am to be at their office by 7am.) Thank God it was a textbook appointment this time.

2. Inside of the card with a stamped smiley tooth. You just never know when you're going to need these types of stamps. :)

3a. This is a sympathy card for an online friend.

3b. Close up. Did a double stamp and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

4. Thank you card to a lady in Liverpool, who sent me a bunch of information on what to do and where to go while we are there visiting.

5. Same stamp (just bought it the other day)...

6. And one more using the same stamp and AI background.

7. Birthday Mickey style...

8. Used my Tamp-a-tiles and a great saying. Know anyone who needs this card? :)

Fun stuff...

I am going to a Drawing class one day a week at the technical high school and finding it fun. I took private lessons when I was 13 or so and hoping this class now will refresh my memory on some tips and such... Along with getting me back into the groove to do some drawing. This time around, I'm using charcoals vs. pencils, so it's really cool to see the differences of them.

1. I would have normally colored in the entire coffee cup one color and not worried or thought about light reflecting off of it -- but here you can see the shading really makes it appear more 3-D.

Also... I wanted to make some "coffee cup ring stains" but didn't have a stamp like it. So I looked around my studio and found an old jelly jar that I use to hold a tube of glue. Inked up the lip (top of the jar) on a brown ink pad and directly applied the inked up jar to my paper. Love the look and hubby thought "great detail". :)

2. and 3. Birthday tulips with an overlay of vellum...

4. Birthday with a red glittery dress... Can it get any better?

5. Close up -- I love super fine glitter.

6. Inside of the card -- new to me stamp. How fabulous to make someone feel

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Been busy... some cards...

1. Stamp Camp butterfly and saying... quick, easy, love it.

2. "School essay papers" for someone who had some reports to do.

3a. Sympathy card -- I love using water color crayons and a water spritzer.

3b. The inside left of the card -- used the same image but just spritzed with water
again and stamped (second generation image).

4. Friends card - like how they are pop dotted out of the pocket.