Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Much stamping this day!

1. Card to the Pediatric dentist who we had the pleasure of seeing one day a week for three weeks... The dentist and staff were wonderful. So this one is to them and made another to the pediatric anesthesiologist, who we had the pleasure of having join my daughter's care yesterday morning at oh-dark-thirty. (we were up at 5:15am to leave the house by 6am to be at their office by 7am.) Thank God it was a textbook appointment this time.

2. Inside of the card with a stamped smiley tooth. You just never know when you're going to need these types of stamps. :)

3a. This is a sympathy card for an online friend.

3b. Close up. Did a double stamp and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

4. Thank you card to a lady in Liverpool, who sent me a bunch of information on what to do and where to go while we are there visiting.

5. Same stamp (just bought it the other day)...

6. And one more using the same stamp and AI background.

7. Birthday Mickey style...

8. Used my Tamp-a-tiles and a great saying. Know anyone who needs this card? :)


neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Wow....Great Cards!

Where did you find the dentist stamps??? I've got to have them!



P.S. Your little one is a doll!

Kim said...

Thanks Dorothy! Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back...

The three stamps on the front -- the toothpaste, tooth brush and tooth are from Darcie's. I know there is a phone number on them if you need it, I can get it later. LMK. The smiley is from someone else... and there is no company information or any info actually on that wood stamp. The smiling tooth inside is an unknown unmounted stamp. HTH.

Thanks on the sweet words about my girl. :)

nfaband said...

Kim ... thank you so much for the gorgeous Sympathy card ... we did receive it here and it meant so much to us to know that even my online friends were thinking about us during a difficult time.
You're a sweetie!