Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun stuff...

I am going to a Drawing class one day a week at the technical high school and finding it fun. I took private lessons when I was 13 or so and hoping this class now will refresh my memory on some tips and such... Along with getting me back into the groove to do some drawing. This time around, I'm using charcoals vs. pencils, so it's really cool to see the differences of them.

1. I would have normally colored in the entire coffee cup one color and not worried or thought about light reflecting off of it -- but here you can see the shading really makes it appear more 3-D.

Also... I wanted to make some "coffee cup ring stains" but didn't have a stamp like it. So I looked around my studio and found an old jelly jar that I use to hold a tube of glue. Inked up the lip (top of the jar) on a brown ink pad and directly applied the inked up jar to my paper. Love the look and hubby thought "great detail". :)

2. and 3. Birthday tulips with an overlay of vellum...

4. Birthday with a red glittery dress... Can it get any better?

5. Close up -- I love super fine glitter.

6. Inside of the card -- new to me stamp. How fabulous to make someone feel

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Rhonda Langley said...

See we don't need all that fancy equipment to stamp! Just give us some ink and some jar lids! Very creative. Love Terrific Tulips stamp set; the vellum is a nice touch. Great cards!