Monday, May 16, 2011

Bird on a post at sunrise

A manly card for my husband's boss -- and made a second one just like it for his boss' boss. I struggled to make something manly enough but this was a keeper.... also catches a bit of what Florida is all about.

Rubons are your friend...

When I first saw the word "Rubon" I was saying it like Rue-bons.... Then a lightbulb came on and it's Rub-ons -- as in rub them on your paper. LOL

I had bought some sheets of Rubons many moons ago but hadn't used them -- until now... made this super fast and easy card for my hubby's best friend's birthday. Simple, manly, and just love the bird cage image. The sayin on the front has said "A little birdie to ME"... but I just used a marker, inked up the all of the words but the "me" part and stamped. Then I used a small alpha set to make the word "us".