Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sympathy cards x 4

Unfortunately, I had to make four sympathy cards yesterday to mail off today...

This first one is on the way to my Father In Law -- his Daddy passed away on Friday morning.

This one is going to my FIL's mom for the loss of her husband.

I love the colors on this and the leaves... This one is going to Renee, the cat she shared with her (ex) husband when they were married. She was a white Persian who was 18 years old.

And to John (and their son Joshua) for the death of their cat, Terah.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pumpkin painted lampshade

A pencil lamp shade pumpkin -- Here is the before... Saw Melody's post on Facebook and had to try it since I thought about trashing this lampshade in the garbage...
Melody's post on this: YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO SEE HERS

pencil lamp shade pumpkin -- after. Cute and easy!

Friday, September 10, 2010

For 9-11-2001... I remember...

I cannot believe it's nine years...

I saw a card posted on a friend's Facebook wall and knew I had to try and recreate it. It's pretty close although her's had a "We won't forget" saying and I only have the "remember" stamp. It works though.

Bethany doing some "projects"

Beth loves to do "projects" in my office... with me or along side of me/ I had bought the foam dragonfly kit a few weeks ago and put it aside for just the right time... That time was tonight. She loved it. And it turned out great. When it's all dry tomorrow, we will hot glue a magnet to the back so we can use every day on the fridge.

And nothing like some good ol' fashioned cut and paste... Some construction paper, markers, glue stick and she is having so much fun (and making a big mess but that's okay).

Been busy stamping... just not posting (until now!)

There's been a lot of talk on a stamping group I belong to about using a sewing machine for stitching/paper piercing on cards. So I dug mine out of the back of the cabinet, put in four new batteries and created this card.

Bought a pack of these images and had to try Flower Soft for the first time... I have a bunch of different colors but wasn't inspired until this afternoon.

Paper Birdhouse

It's been a while since my last post but I've been creating quite a bit. All of my Christmas cards have been done for a while now...

And after a few trials and errors... I finally got it! This paper birdhouse stands 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide and deep. Thanks to Tamarra C for emailing me and answering some questions I had on this.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Published in an Interactive Cards magazine!

There was a call out to artists and the card had to be Interactive... moveable some how.

I submitted three and two of them got published! This magazine is fabulous in that it shows 25 cards using 9 different techniques. And shows step by step instructions on how to create each card!

Printed by or click *HERE*

The magazine and what the cover looks like:

My "Heard you caught a bug" card made it to the Table of Contents too for the Sliders chapter!!!

Left side of page:

Right side of page:

Left side of page for this card:

And the right side of the page:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Better late... been busy!

I've been busy but have done some stamping -- just not uploading to the blog... So here goes and hope to keep up a bit better.

Card for my daughter's 4th birthday.

A thanks to my FIL for his help at the cabin...

This one went to our realtor...

This was my card for a rose swap I participated in...

My hubby was sanding down the train tracks with just the sandpaper and he was complaining of it not being comfortable... So I showed him my Tim Holtz sanding tool and he loved it. So much so, he went to M's and bought a new one for me, as he kept my original. :)

I sent an email with this picture to Tim and he responded:



This one will be going to a friend who has a wicked sense of humor...

This one's going out to a friend a few hours away... April was crazy busy in this house and missed her birthday...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks Bug Man and a collage card

Gotta say thank you to the bug man. He found no pests and wasn't heafty in his charges at all.

Random collage card I created. I don't really make many collage items but this was fun.

Birthday card fit for the race track!

A birthday card I made for Hunter... 6 years old already!! You pull the ribbon and the car will move from the right to the left side. I love making these.

Bethany with the birthday boy...

And Beth outside taking a break from the bouncy house with Tanner, (Hunter's younger brother). Their sister, Kassidy was snoozing in the living room.

Upcoming demo perhaps

Had some fun creating all of these in one night... I could not stop myself -- they are easy, fun, fast, and did I mention easy??

I have offered to do another demo whenever needed (perhaps in May) on how to do, yet another, easy fun background technique.

Masked butterfly

This was another demo that was shown on Saturday by Dawn. Lve this and can see making more of these with other stencils. Thank you to Terry for letting me have that butterfly image that she made as a die cut from her Silhouette electronic die cutting machine... You can see more about it HERE.

Lis showed us the Cricut and all it has to offer as well. It was a nice day of stamping, laughing, creating new memories, having some lunch and tasty dessert and shopping.