Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Concrete Creations (and not just stepping stones!)

One 80 pound bag of concrete, a few days, some household items and some imagination is all you need to make some stepping stones, mosaic tiles, personalized bricks, tic-tac-toe game board and a bowl to keep the tokens safe, sturdy watering bowl for the neighborhood dog, butterfly baths, and even some vases!

Cost:  Will vary depending on what you want to use.  
Time:  Each peice needs at least 24 hours to dry.
Task:  EASY


 1. This is an outdoor only project!!! DO NOT use your indoor sinks/plumbing for this project either before, during, or after. Use an outdoor water source because you do not want to have a concrete dry and clog up your plumbing inside your home. Reread #1.

 2. Wear old clothes! The oil will splatter for sure, no matter how careful you are. Trust me.

 3. Read warnings on your cement bag. They may suggest using a mask because of the dust. (I grabbed a mask at my last doctors appointment but they do sell them at Home Depot and the like.)

 4. The cement bag may also suggest you wear gloves (Grab a few at your next doctor appointment or they do sell these at the dollar stores, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.)

 5. Remove all rings and bracelets due to the cement that could scratch your jewelry and the oil... It would be bad if your ring slipped off into a concrete stepping stone and you didn't realize it until it's too late.

 6. Moisture is NOT your bag o' concrete's friend. Get some friends to create with you or make sure you have several items to serve as molds and use up the concrete within a week or so. Store in cool, dry place. I was able to make many projects with one 80 pound bag of concrete… And only had one project failure that was the size of a small coffee can.

From one bag, I made: 
9 square stepping stones,
3 round stepping stones,
4 small butterfly bowls,
1 long brick stepping stone,
1 tall vase,
2 shorter vases,
1 block watering bowl...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So there was this challenge.....

I have some friends and Pam posted some cards she created. Then Sharon challenged me (as well as herself) to see if we could CASE Pam's cards. Here are mine. Card 1 - The swirl is a Grudgeboard cutout. Painted. The flowers are paper. Card 2- I didn't have any gingham ribbon so I made my strip of paper and bow from paper. Card 3 - That was my hardest card to recreate. Card 4 - The flower is paper and is from a die set. Card 5 - That flower is fabric. Card 6 - Layered scrapbook papers. I'll edit and add Pam's original cards if I can find them and get her permission.

My Little Pony Get Well card

Bethany, my 9yo daughter, used a paint program on the laptop and looking at a picture of the My Little Pony picture, she drew this one and then printed it out on cardstock. We made it into a Get Well card for her sweet friend.

Father's Day Trout Painting

I took Bethany to one of those "Paint with Others" type classes a month ago... Thing is, she was the only kid signed up for the trout painting. That's ok. She had one-on-one painting time! :) I think she did a great job! Her dad loved it.

Stampscapes Card for FIL

I love, love, love making Stampscape cards!! This birthday card went out to my Father In Law who loves to fish.

Goldie sympathy card

I hate making sympathy cards... So sad. This one is for our neighbor who's sweet dog, Goldie, passed away unexpectedly.

Birthday card for Jeanette

This card is for a sweet friend for her birthday.

In-Laws Anniversary Birdie

Anniversary card for my Mother In Law and Father In Law. The bird is adhered on the bottom and tail with thin pop dots and the top of the bird is adhered with just double stick tape. Colored images with Pearl Ex paints (Haven't used those in a long, long time!) And some Crystal Laquer over the berries.

Big Birthday Balloon Dog

I have been busy creating... just not posting. I'm trying to redo this blog but I'm not "that" blog savy. I do plan to reach out to a dear friend who is and hope she can help me. Until then, let me get busy posting some cards I've made recently. :) Birthday card for a friend's daughter who loves dogs.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The first day of 2015

January 1, 2015... Here's to a year of getting organized, donating what we don't need, and having a place for everything. Happy New Year.

So much has happened.  In July 2013, we sold our home and rushed to pack and move up to the north GA mountains.  October 2013, my stepmom passed away after a crazy 7 weeks of illness, life support, getting better, then taking a turn for the worse.  November 2013, we moved again into our forever home.  In May 2014, my dad died.  Such sadness.  Such craziness.  Stamping, creating has taken a back seat to life.  But now that we are mostly settled into our new home, I want to create.  I want to stamp.  I want to continue living life to the fullest.