Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last day to ponder & travel...

This is the view from the back yard of where we stayed. You can see the Gherkin and the roof to the walkway for the underground (train). I loved hearing the train come in and leave during the day and night (it started at 5:30am and stopped around 1am). Although we didn't hear it when we slept and we got so used to it, we didn't always hear it during the day... But it was a sound I found relaxing.

As I reflect on the last bit of Gu... I'll miss you, Gu... (a lot!)

Bye bye Gherkin... (loved seeing you so much!)

Here we are, at the underground station we grew to love so much (right behind the flat where we stayed and very convienent.)

Tampa, here we come...

Check out that outside air temp. from the plane!

This shows the path we have taken so far...

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