Monday, November 28, 2011

Lemonade Stand - Trash to Treasure

I have been wanting to make a Lemonade stand for my little girl for quite some time but wasn't sure how to start. Then it hit me... Recycle (or as they say now: Upcycle) a twin size headboard!

I am thrilled how it turned out. My husband was impressed. And my daughter loved it. She even made $11 from the sales of the lemonade and bottled water. I had purchased a 2 gallon dispensing cooler -- has a spigot on it and filled that with fresh pink lemonade. I didn't want to worry about her having to pour from a regular pitcher. I had the 2 gallon cooler sitting right next to her on an old end table I got for free on the side of the road!

Here is the headboard that I bought at a yard sale for $2.00 It was very sturdy.



DURING: Sanded it down quickly and my husband cut some boards out for legs to make a bit more sturdy, as our driveway is on a slope. The legs can be removed for easier storage.

Hubby removed the shorter board that was here and added a much longer piece of plywood he had in his workshop. (this will eventually get painted with chalk board paint so Bethany can write her "menu" of items she will have for sale.) I got a pint of green chalk board paint for $1.50 at a yard sale!!

My husband also added a block piece of scrap wood with a drilled out area. This will be where the umbrella stand will sit in. He also drilled a hole on the top of the headboard -- which will be her "counter" space.

AFTER: All set up -- the front. The light purple paint was free!

Without the umbrella...

The back without the umbrella... I had also placed a tension rod even with the block of wood, so when my daughter had her new cups still in the plastic wrapper, they would not fall off and onto the ground. When she's older, she won't need the tension rod. (picture of the back is at the bottom of this post.)

Without the legs attached (which come off with nuts and bolts for easier storage.) I have a feeling this lemonade stand will be around for a long time.

Without the legs and the front showing the "menu"...

Close up of where the umbrella stand goes in and sits on...

My girl was so excited!

And so proud!

And here is the back with tension rod and her set up of the side table...

Headboard: $2.00
Light purple paint: free give away
Chalk board paint: $1.50 @ yard sale for the pint and have a lot leftover!
Wood for legs, umbrella stand area, & chalk board area: Hubby had already - maybe $5 if you had to buy...
Nuts and bolts - $10 new but they were really big and sturdy (could get smaller and
less expensive)
Umbrella: had already for over 10 years! it's for the beach.


gail said...

Kim--your repurpose of this headboard is perfect! I love the addition of the chalkboard AND the umbrella is just too darn cute!
Great idea to make the feet removable.
Thanks for sharing it with me. (I tweeted this post)

Donna Ellis said...

This is adorable! Great idea, and she could use it other times as well! When you grocery listed the price of the items, I expected the last to say:

Bethany having fun and selling lemonade: PRICELESS


Thanks for sharing your fun. Did you have a good yard sale?