Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tri-fold cards...

If you google tri fold cards, you will get a bunch of links to view... I had to try this card out and I must say: I am addicted! I've done two so far.

They are fun and love how many panels and areas you get to decorate.

The scoring and cutting are easy. The hard part is figuring out what papers I want to use with what stamps and embellishments! Fun, fun!

This one will be for my husband on our anniversary this coming September. Five years married and 6 1/2 together. It seems like yesterday we met for the first time. Since his favorite color is orange and he's quite the green thumb in the garden, I know he will enjoy this... the flowers, the cool butterfly (can you see the women in the design? There are three of them.), the cute ladybug charm, as we know ladybugs are a wonderful welcomed visitor to your garden, and the stamps. I'll write a note on the back.

And this one is for my mom's birthday that is in December. These are so addicting to make! I see more creating going on soon with these...

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Etha said...

sooo cute, love all the little pockets and hidden things. I love this kind of fold, so much fun to make. But it does take a while to decorate every single panel, yours came out beautifully!