Sunday, May 24, 2009

Make-up Mother's Day...

Since hubby and I were in England/France for a 16 day vacation without our daughter, and we were away on the actual day of Mother's Day, we (he) said we would celebrate it on the Sunday after our return.

Well... life got busy and sweet hubby had a memory slip, so he promised we would celebrate today. And we did.

I got to sleep in -- and actually woke up at 8:30am only to think I would lie there a minute longer only to roll over again at almost 10am! I hadn't been able to sleep past 7ish since we've returned, so this was sweet!

I stroll down a bit after 10am to be given kisses and hugs by both. Hubby had breakfast goodies for me.

And I got these beautiful flowers and the best card. Life... is... great...

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