Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From Paris to Liverpool...

After five days in Paris, we took a flight to Liverpool on Friday. (There's a stamping convention in Port Sunlight on Saturday and we are going!)

First day we really got some rain (but it lasted maybe an hour after we arrived and then the sun came out and bright blue sky!)

Friday evening, we took a bus and found us a place to wash and dry our clothes.

These were taken right across from our hotel. We enjoyed walking around.

David goofing off with a painful looking chain...

I had taken a picture of the "ambulance" behind this emergency vehicle, when this EMT shouted out to me to take his picture, as he struck a funny pose. Once I had my camera ready to click, he got shy and sat in the car... not to come back out and pose again. LOL

Our hotel was centrally located. We were right in the heart of Queen Center... Could not get any better then that. We decided to have dinner at this one place (kind of reminded me of a Chili's menu) and I had to get a Cosmo while hubby got a Screwdriver. They were strong!

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