Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got to stamp!

1. Stamp Camp images - love them!

2. Thank you card for two boys who gave my daughter their plastic picnic table since they outgrew it... (She loves it!)

3. More Stamp Camp images... she's got great butterflies and sayings!

4. Thank you card I made for a manager at a place a friend and I went to eat dinner the other night. He gave us both complimentary desserts. Brownie, ice cream, fudge, nuts, whip cream... that deserves a thank you card! The theme of the place is fish and such, so thought this great Fred Mullet image was perfect.

5. The inside -- stamped the same fish on accetate and then flipped it onto my card and rubbed. So it's a lighter version and a reversed image. I then wrote my thank you note over the lightly stamped fish.

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