Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wine charm plaque & painted canvas

1. Pretty large canvas painted in some teals and brown stripes for our spare bedroom/tv room. I needed something large but not pricey. I used paint I had for the room already but darkened the teal up a little using some brown I already owned.

2. & 3. Made this wine charm holder from scratch for some friends who enjoy hosting parties! I did a hand drawn sketch of a wine bottle. Traced it onto the wood. Used my jig saw and cut it out, sanded it, then painted it. Attached small pretty nails to the front and a hanger bar on the back.

4. Purchased all of the charms but created them onto hoop earrings along with beads. These fit around the stem of a wineglass -- so each person at the party will know which wine glass belong to them. No guessing "is that my wine glass?"

All of the charms are silver and store bought. There are a couple that I made using rubber stamps I had. I stamped them on shrink plastic and then attached them as charms. :)

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