Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween photos

Our sweetness had a great time being Aurora (aka: Sleeping Beauty). But no sleeping on Halloween night! We went up and down our main road and then came back to the house to get her stroller. Then her and I went down the other side of our street, around the corner, and went to a bunch of houses there and then home.

She got such a haul! When I asked if she would share with Mommy and Daddy, she replied "of course!" What a sweet child. :)

When it came time for her to go to bed, we had our one story as usual and then lights out. I go in my office, which is across the hall from her bedroom and she usually carries on for 15 minutes before she settles down and falls asleep. Halloween night, her head hit the pillow and she was out cold by the time I walked into my office. Nice...

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